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Believing Unity

discovering the oneness of mind, matter & consciousness

After stumbling into a life-changing direct experience of complete unity of self and other, I realised that the construction of mental walls separating intellectual disciplines such as physics, psychology, and philosophy were hindering progress toward an understanding of the unified nature of all phenomena.

I felt compelled to develop a concept schema that connected the dots of unity and offer a perspective that dissolves distinctions and provides a beautiful holistic outlook rather than one that fortifies arbitrary separations, fostering separations within ourselves and between one another.

In these 270 or so pages, we will explore a perspective together that challenges traditional boundaries and invites you, the reader, to actively engage in the inquiry, to contemplate and so clearly realise in your own experience, a reality where a unified understanding of yourself and the world around you, is in every breath.

If you’re intrigued, the first chapter is available for free here, where the ‘unanswerable’ question of “Why is there Something rather than Nothing?” is given a novel solution.

Part I: Rebirth




Three-Dimensional Time

Quantum Mind  Hypothesis


Part II: Application


Conditional Living

The Human Performance